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    Market Livestock & Poultry

    Showing Livestock?

    Box Elder County 4-H programs support the directors of the Box Elder Junior Livestock show by offering educational clinics and 4-H club support. For questions regarding the rules and regulations of the Box Elder Junior Livestock Show we encourage youth to reach out to the directors of thier species using the links below. 

    Click Here For The Official Website Of The Box Elder Junior Livestock Show 

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    Online Clinic Resources

    For links to join our online livestock clinics click HERE. If you need a refresher or missed the clinic, you can watch the meeting videos and interact with the resources shared during the clinic. Resources for each meeting are shared below each listed meeting on the page linked above. 

    Showmanship Resources

     HOGS     SHEEP     STEERS        GOATS

    Portfolio Informationseptember portfolio

    Additional Livestock Fair Forms 

    Open Show Goat Form

    Bucket Calves