Western Horse Program


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    Western Horse Program

    The 4-H Horse Program is for youth 3rd-12th grade. Each youth is a member of individual clubs that meet throughout the year. As a county, youth come together for spring clinics, horse camp, service projects, fundraisers, summer horse shows, horse achievement and more!

    The 4-H Horse program is divided into three age groups:

    Juniors = 3rd-5th grade
    Intermediates = 6th-8th graders
    Seniors = 9th-12th graders


    2017 Schedule

    Tuesday night riding will be starting up January 10th. In order to be eligible to ride, you must be enrolled and activated in 4Honline BEFORE you come to the arena. $12.50 enrollment needs to be paid to become activated.

    You can now pay online or please call 435-695-2543 to make payment with debit/credit card or the office at 01 South Main Rm. #30 in Brigham for cash or check.

    2017 Calendar

    January 10th- Kick Off Party

    January 17th- Winter Riding 

    January 24th- Winter Riding 

    January 31st- Winter Riding 


    June 2-3- Western Horse Camp

    June 13th - 1st Show 

    June 27th - 2nd Show

    July 18th - 3rd Show 

    July 31st - Region (Davis County) 

    September 21-23 (Vernal) 

    2017 Horse Council

    • President: Katie Nielson
    • President Elect: Jasmine Baker
    • Treasurer: Shiree Clark 
    • Education Chairman: Hindi Wilkinson 
    • Horse Ambassador Mentor: Shane Bingham 
    • State Representative: Deni Ormond


    What to Study 

    The tests will be cumulative, building on the 4-Her’s knowledge. This method will better prepare the kids for the State level and increase their knowledge in other contests such as Hippology and Horse Bowl. 

    Show 1


    Horse and Horseman pages 1-16

    Horse Rule Book pages 1-20

    Intermediate and Senior

    Horse and Horseman pages 1-16

    Horse Rule Book pages 1-15

    Horse Science Book pages 1-15

    Show 2


    Horse and Horseman pages 1-36

    Horse Rule Book pages 1-38

    Intermediate and Senior

    Horse and Horseman pages 1-36

    Horse Rook Book pages 1-30

    Horse Science Book pages 1-30

    Show 3

    Junior, Intermediate, and Senior



    Call with questions: 435-695-2543