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    Community clubs are open to any 4-H youth in the county. The leaders of these clubs are volunteers that are willing to share their time, knowledge, and skills with any youth interested.  Remember to always thank them for all they do!

    If you are interested in being a Community Club leader contact the 4-H office at (435) 695-2543.  It's a great opportunity to teach the youth of the county.

    Community clubs in Box Elder County include:

    Dog Club Paws for Applause 

    For a full schedule, please contact Lanette.  

    Contact: Lanette Sorenson 435-279-4041

    Rabbits Club

    This club begins meeting mid May each year and continues to meet weekly until the fair. They are very family oriented and welcome youth 4 years old and up to participate. Their meeting place is the small animal barn at the Box Elder County Fairgrounds.

    For more information contact Kristy Noyes at (435) 458-9179 or

    Poultry Club

    This club meets weekly starting around mid May until the Fair. They will teach youth knowledge and skills with Poultry and help youth prepare for the fair if they choose. They meet at the Box Elder County Small Animal Barn.

    For more information contact Bob Belew at (435) 257-5969.

    Shooting Sports Club

    Do you have a passion for hunting or just love to shoot? Perhaps, you thrive for the intense quiet and patience of archery or pride in hitting your mark 400 yards away.  Maybe, you are just interested in sharing your skills with the youth in Box Elder County. 2017 Schedule and Rules 

    About Shooting Sports

    The Shooting Sports curriculum uses the resources of the land-grant university and the time, talent, and dedication of Cooperative Extension agents and certified 4-H leaders, instructors, and trainers who instruct 4-H members in firearms safety and marksmanship. The shooting disciplines include archery, rifle, shotgun and hunting. Each discipline is taught by a National or State Certified Instructor.

    Healthy Competition

    4-H members have opportunities to test their shooting, hunting, and sportsmanship skills in county, regional, state, and national competitions. In fact, they could ultimately set Olympic competition as their goal! There are seventeen Olympic shooting sports events, which continue to draw the third-greatest number of countries.

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    Junior Master Gardener Club

    This is for any 4-H youth in Box Elder County interested in gardening. They do gardening activities throughout the year and are also a part of the 4-H Farmer's Market during the fair. At the 4-H Farmers Market youth have an opportunity to sell some of the produce they have grown. For more information contact Rhonda Pace at

    Horse Clubs

    Rough Riders Honeyville Club

    The Rough Riders Horse Club meets at the Honeyville arena each week (during the warm months) to develop horse back riding skills. They also do many other activities throughout the year including parades, back country rides, community events, and so on.  Any 4-H members are invited to join. You must provide your own horse.  For more information contact Hindi Wilkinson at (435) 760-2308.


    Willow Creek Youth Riders in Willard

    This horse club is located in Willard Utah. They meet once a week when the weather permits.  Any youth in the 3rd-12th grade are welcome to join but must have their own horse.  Youth will learn horse safety, riding skills, and increase their knowledge of horses.  For more information contact Ruth Beebe at (435) 512-5484.

    Box Elder South Community Club

    We will be doing a variety of projects: arts/crafts, games, cooking, science, sewing and service. (We will be planning our meetings according to the children’s interests.) This summer we will be meeting at the Perry Park, 2340 South 900 West on Mondays starting June 22nd from 1:00-3:00. Everyone is invited! Please call Shannon Barton 435-232-3572 for more information.